Things Mentally strong people do !!

Thanks giving / Gratitude :

People who are strong mentally give thanks and show gratitude to every little thing.

Continous learning :

Mentally strong people learn at every step, even if they get hurt at a bad time, instead of crying over it.

Don’t give up :

Mentally strong people do not panic over their failures, they either learn or win.
No matter how many problems in life, they do not give up.

Comparison :

Mentally strong people do not look at their personality through the eyes of others but are constantly trying to improve themselves.

Just To please others :

Mentally strong people don’t care about what people think of them all the time, not that they are happy or not, but that mentally strong people think good to others and keep their heart and intentions clean for others.

Thinking and controlling everything :

Mentally strong people learn to adapt to living things in their own way.

Do not envy :

Mentally strong people do not envy other people’s achievements over their happiness.

Self Acceptance :

They accept their flaws, They accept their personality who they are they don’t resist with their own flaws.

Series one of mentally strong people series two will be published later !!

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writer / Mental health / Hijabi blogger / health & Beauty ✨🌷

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